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Since 1983 MIS has been investing in software development to provide state of the art applications which best serve its clients business needs. The result of those 20 years was 30 different systems installed for over 40 clients in different business sectors such as Trading, Contracting, Real Estate, Government, Educational, Health Care, Oil, Investment and Shareholding companies.

The Majority of M.I.S. Staff are university graduates in Computer Technology with experience ranging between 3 and 10 years for any of them in ORACLE Database, Development Tools (Internet Development Suite / Internet Application Server) and ORACLE E-Business Suite solutions.

At the turn of the 21st Century and the dawn of a new Millennium, MIS has adopted at early stages the 3-Tier Architecture Technology to face the challenges of the new world economy which is based on the Internet. Now MIS offers E-Business type of applications i.e. PORTALS, Internet Procurement and Self Service applications. The quality team excels in Developing applications in SOA technology.



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