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Management Information Systems (M.I.S.) is a Kuwaiti company
with registered legal status of "Partnership with Limited Liability".

M.I.S. was established in 1983 with sole objective of providing turnkey solutions to local industry based upon the principles of hardware independence and open systems.


Since the company's inception, the underlying goal has been to establish a solution oriented company whose client base would act as our ambassadors. The only way to achieve this was by listening closely to our clients ensuring that the solutions provided by us satisfied totally their requirements in terms of functionality, performance, quality & support.

M.I.S. can now boast over thirty installations representing a wide spectrum of local business including substantial enterprises from the financial, commercial and government sectors. M.I.S. is one of the major systems houses in the Gulf totally dedicated to Client Server and 3-Tier Architecture solutions.
The majority of M.I.S Staff are university graduates in computer science and engineering. The set of skills include strong ORACLE and C language, with emphasis on programming and analysis design techniques. Because of the very nature of the organization, many of our staff are multi-disciplined; in addition to performing traditional Analyst/Programmer's duties they are involved with project management and system design.

It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to improve their position by learning new skills and techniques. The majority of our development staff are now utilizing CASE (Oracle Designer) and 4GL (Oracle Developer) development tools for in-house software development and Oracle Jdeveloper for JAVA based applications.

The management of M.I.S. is comprised of university graduates with industry experience covering the banking and commercial sectors. M.I.S. management have considerable business and management skills which ensure that we are able to discuss our client's business and make solid business recommendations accordingly.
MIS also provides a variety of consultancy services on Oracle Tools and Applications, such as Implementation for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PORTALS.


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